Personal Addition #27


  1. Pull an all nighter on the beach👙
  2. Shoot my first goose🔫
  3. Not burn as much as last year…☀️🔥
  4. Go camping with my boyfriend ⛺️
  5. Go to BC🚗
  6. Go to Boardwalk days in Winnipeg Beach🎡
  7. Catch a picture worthy fish 🐟
  8. Learn to wakeboard 🏄🏼
  9. Kiss in the rain 😘
  10. Watch at least one sunset ☀️

Personal Addition #26

Recently this year I found out why I was having such bad stomach pains. My doctor asked me to stop eating bread and see how my stomach was. I didn’t eat bread for a while and I wasn’t having my stomach pains anymore. Turns out that I have an intolerance to gluten. It has been really hard to try and change my diet; gluten literally is in everything… This change has been hard but it also has made me eat healthier. It’s hard for me to go to a fast food place and get something gluten free so I’m cooking more at home now. It’s making me loose a lot of weight and it’s also making my immune system a lot better than it has been! 

Personal Addition #25

I played basketball for a good 5 years but I had to quit playing because I needed to work. I really wish I didn’t give up playing basketball to work more. I really miss playing on a team and being very active, this summer I really want to get back into playing!

Personal Addition #24

I’d like to make one of my personal additions about my dad. I am a major daddy’s girl and I always have been. My dad has always been there whenever I need him; he is both my best friend and my dad. With my mom walking out of my life my dad really became the only person that I could really trust. Our relationship is like no other father daughter relationship. My dad was only 19 when I was born which a lot of people frown upon. He was always so proud to show me off even though people would give him nasty looks because he was so young. I really couldn’t ask for a better dad; I definitely don’t know how I could live without him. 

Personal Addition #23

I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety since I was around the age of 12. These illnesses run in my family on both my parents sides. It’s really hard trying to deal with both of these illnesses. I remember points where my anxiety would get so bad that I would start to throw up. I would get nervous about going to school and my anxiety would kick in; I missed a lot of school because I was afraid to go to class and screw up something I was doing. Depression also made it hard in school, I lost all motivation to try and succeed and I would be to upset to concentrate in class. It made it really hard to try and keep up in class. I have my ups and downs and I’m hoping that I can over come my issues with myself and try and be happy and worry less about things in life. 

Personal Addition #21

If you know me you know that I absolutely love the fast and furious movies. I grew up watching them and I have every single movie on DVD. When the last movie came out (Fast 7) I was really exicted but also sad because of Paul Walkers recent death. At the end of the movie when they did the tribute to him I balled my eyes out… Like everyone in the theatre was looking at me, it was just hard to believe that someone I grew up watching in my favourite movies had died. I’m hoping that they keep going on with the movies because everyone just keeps getting better!